Everywhere in THE WORLD since 1977

SEPA MENSUCAT is a Turkish private company and was founded in Corlu in 1977 The company grew throughout the years and now operates with seven plants located in Corlu , Tekirdag ,Turkiye respectively specialised in the production of absorbent cotton and derivatives (such as bleached cotton, cotton wool hydrophile in rolls and pleats,make-up remover cotton pads, cotton buds , cotton balls and wet wipes).In the production and processing plants of Sepa Mensucat, extremely qualified materials are processed and monitored by highly skilled staff and Quality is a crucial condition for us Our cotton wool is available SEMI-MANUFACTURED BLEACHED COTTON IN BALES for cotton converters (manufacturers of cotton pads and pleated cotton) and PACKAGED , for supermarket chains, retailers, wholesales, medical facilities, pharmacies and perfumeries with our quality trademarks or private labels.


We take care of the production from raw material to finished product, with a total quality control throughout the production process.


SEPA MENSUCAT is nowadays synonymous to QUALITY and RELIABILITY


We manufacture only high quality 100% cotton wool in accordance with the European/ Turkish Pharmacopoeia rules, according to European Directive 93/42/CEE and 47/2007/CEE for medical devices All our products are manufactured in 100% cotton wool bleached with hydrogen peroxide, do not contain optical bleachers. Since1998, Sepa Mensucat has been ISO 9002 certified (afterwards ISO 9001:2015), to further guarantee a constant compliance with the rules governing the company production system, managed in the premises of Corlu and Istanbul through a complex administrative, logistic, sales and marketing organisation. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure everyone who uses our articles and services an extremely high quality standard of production, and to make an ongoing effort to guarantee reasonable prices, as well as to carry out our Clients' orders accurately and without delays.


We, SEPA MENSUCAT, with all our people, aspire to ensure customer satisfaction and sound growth by providing products and services of universal quality and standards. We are committed to being a symbol of trust, continuity and esteem for all our customers, shareholders, dealers, and suppliers.


The objective and mission of SEPA MENSUCAT has been to add value to cotton market since established. This journey began on 1977 and has been excellent so far.

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